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for joining us. >> this is of course the final we stand for election day. there are some controversy allstate propositions for california. >> we would talk about how you can escape some this mentally. we have a lot of movies to talk about and what is out right now on what will be coming out. >> i have seen a lot of the movies and i cannot wait to share them with you. bout the nd thdeath. her sister has some very unpleasant things to say about robert wagner. >> her talent has gotten lost and all of the investigation of the years. this will be release something to talk about. >> just take a live look outside and we are expecting a very beautiful weekend. >> it is actually already built for outtalciteda beautifu. as we set the clock ahead to noon time we are expecting a wide spread of sunshine. as for your temperatures we are still sitting in the low fifties for san francisco. we're still dealing with the upper 40's and livermore. it will be 75 degrees for loss gatos and mid 60's for half moon bay. about 73 degrees is expected for nevada. you're full forecast is coming up with a chance of shower
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1